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Aqara Launches New Camera Hub G2H Pro

Aqara has launched a new version of the G2H camera, the G2H pro which doubles as a ZigBee Hub.

Since Aqara launched back in 2016, it has since become a major player in the Smart Home market niche. Releasing various products and gadgets, ranging from temperature sensors, door and window sensors, water leak sensors, wall switches, mini smart switches and security cameras.

Their already proven product range gets enthusiasts exited when they release a new gadget, because their quality is top notch and their prices won’t break the bank. Such a product is the new Camera Hub G2H Pro.

Features Overview

The new G2H pro is an improvement of the already existing G2H, compatible with the most popular smart home ecosystems and voice assistants, such as:

  • Apple Home
  • Google Home
  • Aqara Home
  • Amazon Alexa
  • Alice and more

Aqara’s Apple HomeKit integration is significantly improved with the new camera hub, now supporting all 4 modes of the Home Kit Security System, which syncs automatically with Aqara’s Home Alert System. Basic, Home, Away, Night mode are now more customizable to trigger alarms in different areas or specific times.

The G2H Pro now features an intelligent recognition system, identifying faces and packages and notifying your Apple home devices locally, such as your HomePod, iPad or Apple TV.

The camera’s lens is also improved, capturing video at an ultra-wide 146° angle enabling you to capture the entire room with a single camera.

A ZigBee Hub

What’s interesting about the G2H Pro, is that it doubles as a ZigBee hub. This means you can connect up to 128 devices under the camera and get rid of any other hubs you may have been using. Even though repeaters of ZigBee traffic, such as plugs and wall switches are required to reach this number, we feel they are part of your existing ZigBee mesh network anyway, so this should not be an issue.

This is not exactly news, as the first G2H was also a ZigBee hub, but it was capped at 64 devices and some users reported frequent connection drops when using it as their primary ZigBee hub.

Both the G2H and G2H Pro utilized ZigBee 3.0 connection at 2.4GHz while the Pro is now also capable of WPA3 Wi-Fi secure connection.

Price and Availabilty

Aqara’s Camera Hub G2H Pro is available for purchase now in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, and France through Amazon. The camera retails for $69.99, but to celebrate the launch, Aqara is offering 15% off the price for a limited time if you use the promo code G2HPROPR (U.S. and Canada), or PRG2HPRO (U.K., Germany, and France).

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Aqara Camera Hub G2H Pro