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About Funding receives no direct funding whatsoever from companies, manufacturers, retailers or other legal entities. As of this moment, it is a completely self-funded project aimed at giving back to the community in the form of valuable information, beginner friendly guides, tutorials and unbiased, unfiltered product reviews. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and AliExpress Portals Affiliate Program. These programs are designed to provide means for websites to earn revenue by linking affiliate products through their content. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to these websites.

If a product we are reviewing is supplied free of charge to the team of for testing purposes, it will be explicitly mentioned in the corresponding article. At no cost will a company or manufacturer be able to sway or influence our opinion of a device, product or service we are reviewing.

How is any income spent? uses the majority of income it receives in purchasing new devices for testing, disassembling and reviews. For informational and transparency purposes, this income can be divided in the following way:

  • Reinvesting in new devices for testing ~ 60% of income
  • Creating content, writing reviews, testing hardware ~ 20% of income
  • Website hosting, domain and maintenance ~ 10% of income
  • Other expenses ~ 10% of income

How to support

For the purpose of maintaining this blog, we have setup several channels of direct and indirect support of our work.

Shop with us

By visiting each of the following stores through our affiliate links and making a purchase, will receive a small commission at no additional cost to you. These means are reinvested in purchasing new devices for testing and reviews. Click on any store to start shopping:


You can support us on with a small monthly fee on These means would also go towards maintenance of the website and obtaining new hardware for testing.

  • You liked something you read – $3 a month
  • Advancement of the Cause – $10 a month
  • Personal Smart Home Assistant – $30 a month

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Thank You

A big thank you to all supporters, without the community this project would not be possible.

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