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Adding a Thermal Camera to Toolset for Testing Smart Devices

Upgrading toolset for testing and reviews of smart devices: Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera. Temperature measurements of devices generating heat under load.

A while back, I wrote a post about upgrading my current toolset for dismantling and testing smart devices. This included a 137pcs electric screwdriver set from Kaiweets, labelled as ES20 and a digital multimeter from the same company, model KM601.

Doing this allowed me to dig deeper and do the job faster, while also testing devices with different shapes, sizes without damaging them in the process. Later on, I also bought the Kaiweets KETS02 soldering iron, which is easily my favorite tool on my test bench. It has been invaluable for DIY projects like ESP32 presence sensors and converting Bluetooth thermometers to Zigbee.

Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera Featured

Browsing through Kaiweets’s store, I noticed a very interesting device that I though would be a great additional to my arsenal: the Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera. I straight up asked them if I could get a sample of the device to be used as a tool for future reviews and they agreed to send me one.

This device will be used to measure the generated temperature for any device that passes my workbench in the future. It will be especially useful for switches and devices that operate under load, are known to cause heat and operate at high temperature.

Kaiweets KTI-W01 Technical Specs

  • Model: Kaiweets KTI-W01
  • Device Type: Thermal Camera
  • Infrared Resolution: 256×192
  • Infrared Response Band: 8 to14μm
  • Measurement Temperature Range: -20℃ to +550℃ (-4℉ to 1022℉)
  • Measurement Accuracy: -15℃-550℃ ±2℃; -20°C to -15°C ±4°C
  • Measurement Resolution: 0.1℃
  • Measurement Mode: Center point/hot and cold spot tracking
  • Color Palette: Spectrum, Iron, Cool, White, and Black
  • Emissivity Setting: Adjustable from 0.01 to 1.00
  • Visible Light Resolution: 640×480
  • Storage: 32G
  • Display Size: 3.2inch (240×320)
  • Photo Display Mode: Infrared/visible light/dual light fusion
  • Operating Temperature: -10℃ to +50℃ (14℉ to 122℉)
  • Battery: 3500mAh Rechargeable Li-ion

Overview and package contents

Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera Box
Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera: Box

The Kaiweets KTI-W01 is very large device, shipping in a giant box which contains the camera, data cable, case, user manual and a 5V charger. It’s packaged and protected very well, the box is sturdy and made from compressed cardboard. It can endure shipping handling for sure.

A special protective case also comes with the device, so you can take it with your wherever you go. This case can fit the camera, the manual, data cable and adapter.

Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera Package Contents
Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera: Package Contents

The front lens is protected by a hard plastic cap, to prevent dust entering or damaging of the lens. You shoot with this camera like a gun, by pressing the button with your index finger. Its quite convenient to hold, but again, it is quite large and bulky.

Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera Front
Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera: Front

On the front, some buttons for powering the camera and managing its settings are installed. These are used to cycle through the menu on the go, change color temperature, emissivity, set image correction, change temperature units and screen brightness. You can also use the menu to browse through the photos you took, just like a traditional point & shoot camera.

Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera Screen
Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera: Display and buttons

Taking photos with the Kaiweets KTI-W01

I took a bunch of photos with the Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera, just to showcase it’s capability. I currently do not have any smart switches installed that operate under load, to be able to measure the heat they generated, but I certainly will in the future. Here’s a couple of random things, taken with different settings to showcase the capability of the KTI-W01.

Kaiweets Thermal Camera Test: Apollo MSR-1 vs MSR-2
Apollo MSR-1 vs MSR-2
Kaiweets Thermal Camera Test: Apollo MTR-1
Apollo MTR-1
Kaiweets Thermal Camera Test: Homey Pro 1
Smart Home Hub
Kaiweets Thermal Camera Test: Homey Pro 2
Smart Home Hub
Kaiweets Thermal Camera Test: Hand
Kaiweets Thermal Camera Test: Monitor

Final Thoughts

As a smart home hardware tester, I hope I’m going to get some utility out of the Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera. To be perfectly clear, I am not a thermal camera expert so I have no way of truly evaluating its performance. To me, it seems like the device is top notch, works fast, measures temperature dynamically and there are a bunch of settings that need to be figured out. As I continue to test smart home hardware, I’ll understand more and share an image of any device on my test bench.

If anyone wants to try the KTI-W01 camera, here are some links from the Kaiweets store. I asked them for discount codes for the readers of SmartHomeScene and they did sent me some:

  • Kaiweets KTI-W01 Thermal Camera

On the other hand, I do love and constantly use the ES20 Screwdriver and KETS02 Soldering Iron. I would recommend those tools without hesitation to all who might need them. Use code SHS15 for 15% off on their official webstore and code FNLL667Z for 10% off Amazon.

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