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Best AliExpress Black Friday Smart Home Deals 2022

Top 10 Smart Home Black Friday Items on sale during AliExpress Event Black/Super Friday. The sale will last from 24th – 29th Nov 2022 PST.

Traditionally, AliExpress sellers discount their prices the most in November. Once in the middle of the month 11.11 and once for Black Friday, 25.11. This year the Super Friday sale starts from 24th Nov 2022 PST and ends 23:59:59 29th Nov 2022 PST.

This is a list of top 10 smart home items we recommend getting during this Black Friday/Super Friday sale event. Happy hunting!


  • BFS6 – $6 off on orders above $50
  • BFS13 – $13 off on orders above $110
  • BFS22 – $22 off on orders above $180
  • BFS30 – $30 off on orders above $250

Sonoff Zigbee USB Dongle E

If you are looking to uprage your ZigBee mesh network, the Sonoff ZBDongle-E is the right choice. This model uses the Silicon Labs EFR32MG21 chip, which supports Thread and will be rendered Matter compatible in the near future with a firmware update. The same chip is also used by the upcoming Home Assistant SkyConnect.

Sonoff ZB 3.0 Dongle-E
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2
Sonoff ZB 3.0 Dongle-P

Moes Smart Switch/Dimmer Modules

These modules are one the best in-wall switch/dimmer modules you could buy from AliExpress. Produced by MoesHouse, theiy offer good features and easy installation for this kind of device. They operate without issues in a ZigBee mesh network, are solidly built yet cheap. We’ve reviewed both the switch variant and the dimmer variant on our AliExpress reviews channel.

Moes Smart Switch/Dimmer Module
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2 | AliExpress 3

Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA

The Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA is one of the best devices we’ve reviewed on our AliExpress Reviews channel. It proved to be an excellent fire detection device you can trust. In my tests, we replicated real-life scenarios of burning different materials to produce different kinds of smoke. It did not fail once to detect smoke and alert Home Assistant. This sensor is a must have for a modern smart home, read the full review here.

Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA-E ZigBee
AliExpress | AliExpress 2
Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA-Z Z-Wave
Heiman Smoke Sensor HS1SA Standalone

Sonoff NS Panel Pro

The Sonoff NS Panel Pro is one of the most beautiful piece of smart home equipment you can install in your home. It’s available in both white and black variant, vertical and square dimensions and a lite and pro version. It can also be easily modded with Tamosta or ESPHome, to get rid of its cloud dependency and customize the display as you see fit.

Sonoff NS Panel Pro
AliExpress | AliExpress 2 | AliExpress 3

Aqara Curtain Control Motors

Aqara offers a variety of motors and tracks for hooking up your window screens. Their lineup is capable of controlling drapes, shades, mesh screens and venetian blinds. All devices are ZigBee based, as are the most of Aqara products and easily integrated in Home Assistant via ZHA or ZigBee2MQTT.

Aqara B1 Curtain Motor
AliExpress | AliExpress 2
Aqara A1 Track Motor
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2

Moes Rotary/Touch Dimmer

This dimmer has been my daily lights controller ever since it came out. I did a complete review of the Touch version, and it’s still rocking’ to this day. I have 6 of them installed in my Smart Home and they perform admirably for the price tag. You can read the full review here.

MoesHouse Rotary/Touch Dimmer
AliExpress | AliExpress 2 | AliExpress 3

Aqara Door and Motion Sensors

These two devices are the corner stone of a modern smart home. Nothing beats them in durability, battery life and implementation. Rob from TheHookUp made a detailed test lasting 4 months comparing the door/window sensor to competitors and it blew the competition out of the water.

Aqara ZigBee Motion Sensor
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2
Aqara ZigBee Door/Window Sensor
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2

Aqara A100 ZigBee Door Lock

If you are looking for something to beef up your home security, Aqara recently released the A100 ZigBee smart door lock. It’s HomeKit compatible, has a keypad, NFC card/tag support, fingerprint and traditional key core. This monster of a lock should not be overlooked when considering safety, and with Aqara comes a promise of quality, durability and support.

Aqara A100 ZigBee Door Lock
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2

Tuya Human Presence Sensor ZY-M100

The Tuya ZY-M100 human presence sensor is an incredibly capable and versatile presence detection device. It’s very comparable to the Aqara FP1, and in some instances, it performed even better. It’s based around a 5.8GHz mmWave Human Presence sensor, it’s easy to integrate in Home Assistant and it’s price tag will not break your bank.

We did a complete review and a detailed comparison with the Aqara FP1 and Tuya PS-HPS.

Tuya ZY-M100
Human Presence Sensor
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2

Aqara Human Presence Sensor FP1

One of the most anticipated and discussed smart home gadgets in the past year is definitely the Aqara FP1 Human Presence Sensor (RTCZCGQ11LM). This device handles motion and presence with electromagnetic waves, called millimetre waves. While traditional motion detection devices utilize a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor, the FP1 is built around an mmWave radar sensor. Although it is not the first of its kind, with the Aqara FP1 comes a subtle promise of quality, support and durability.

At this moment, the FP1 is the king when it comes to human presence detection. You can read the full review here.

Aqara FP1 Human Presence Sensor
AliExpress 1 | AliExpress 2 | AliExpress 3